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As the body ages, the appearance and characteristics of the skin alter – get wrinkly, leathery and many do not like this look. The areas of skin exposed to the sunlights ultraviolet radiation suffer the most damage and expectedly age faster.  It can occur at an early age in people who have spent much time outdoors and those who are often badly sunburned, particularly those who are fair skinned. 

The dreaded process is known as photo-aging.  It is attributed to a combination of short wavelength (UVB) injury to the epidermis (outside layers of the skin) and long wavelength (UVA) to the dermis (middle layers). 

Again, ultraviolet radiation is largely to blame.  The continuous and profound effects of oxidation, ionization and genetic changes of cellular components including DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) Weakens the skin’s immune system.  Hence, aging skin is prone to skin cancer.   

Scarring from repeated inflammation due to sunburn (also acne and other skin diseases) increases dermal collagen and causes the dermis to lose elasticity.    The epidermis becomes thinner so the skin easily dries up, blisters, and tears.  The skin is weaker than normal and feels dry because it is less able to hold water. 

The aging changes are particularly apparent on the face where fine lines and wrinkles, discoloration and textural changes can be noticed ñ at closer look or in serious cases, remarkably noticeable.  

Lingering under the sun without adequate protection causes overactivity of tanning cells, called melanocytes.  Consequently, ugly sights of blotchy pigmentation with brown freckles, solar lentigines and white marks would appear.  

To remedy, or if only to delay further harm, it is still best to completely protect sun-damaged skin from more sun exposure. Outdoor activities during the middle of the day, especially on summer should be avoided.  Almost obligatory, sunscreens should be applied daily, more often when outdoors. 

Fortunately even the impact of prolonged exposure to uv radiation from sunlight can be fought.  One should always use a sunscreen to block the harmful effects.  Good sunscreens are available from Medspa’s and wellness centers and typical OTC sunscreens from drug stores should be avoided as they often have other ingredients that might also be harmful.

Victory Wellness offers a wide variety of sunscreens to block harmful rays. Victory also offers laser and skin treatments to fight and even reverse these signs of aging.  Forever Young BBL will help remove dark spots, red spots, brown spots and help rejuvenate the skin’s collagen.  Another procedure that actually strips the top surface layer of skin is HALO laser treatment.  HALO removes this damaged skin layer and then it can rebuild and regrow healthier and the treatment can give you a HALO GLOW, fresh skin that seems to glow.

Hydrafacials and other facial treatments can rebuild your skin and reduce the signs of aging caused by wrinkles and rough patches.  Botox and other neurotoxins help reduce wrinkles. Fillers and plump up lines and deep areas of the face.  PRP treatments and laser treatments can resurface skin to various degrees.  Microneedling also helps the skin regrow and gives you a younger look.

If you have been in the sun all your life and have sun damage, give us a call today and we can help on your road to sun recovery.