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`There is no reversing the actions that aging causes, from loss of energy to wrinkling and other drops in bodily functions. However, there are numerous to contain and ‘hide’ the effects of aging on humans. 

When men begin to age, the skin begins to undergo little consistent changes, with some more pronounced than the others. One of such is the Crow’s feet; these are those little lines spreading out from the sides of the eyes. 

What are Crow’s feet?  And why they are common in men

Crow’s feet are the continuous results of the little but progressive muscle contractions that plague the skin (especially the face} as we grow older. While for many, the Crow’s feet are more visible when they smile, laugh, frown or make other facial expressions (Dynamic), for others, it is permanent on the face (Static).    

Crow’s feet are common or seem more significant in men due to their stronger facial muscles. When a man has even the earliest signs of crow’s feet when they make an expression, it is difficult not to notice. 

However, no matter the Crow’s feet, there is numerous treatment available to correct the effects of these slacking muscles. And one great example is the Neurotoxins.

Neurotoxins as a treatment for Crow’s feet, what are they?

Neurotoxins are injectable substances, which slow and eventually pauses muscle stiffening, by blocking nerve receptors. When these receptors are put on hold, it becomes impossible for lines and wrinkles from forming. 

Neurotoxins are also known as Borox, Dysport or Xemomin, and can be used to treat muscle stiffness, muscle spasms, excessive sweating, or an overactive bladder system. It became a popular and top neurosurgical treatment procedure since 2000.

Are there differences in the various Neurotoxins?

Whether it is called Botox, Dysport, or Xemonin, they all represent the same method of neurotoxin treatments. However, the bacterium “Clostridium Botulinum or Botulinum Toxin A may slightly vary within them. They all just do one thing; block the nerve impulses of the injected muscles to temporarily paralyze the movements.

When should you consider Neurotoxins?

At Victory Wellness & Medspa, you can get the best and relevant treatment of your Crow’s feet, especially for men. 

Most people prefer to undergo a Neurotoxin treatment early, even as the signs begin to show. It prevents the lines from being rigidly ingrained into the skin. Therefore, the age range of patients is usually within 30 – 65 years. However, you must still consult with your skincare specialist to know which treatment is most appropriate for your skin.

Who should not partake in a Neurotoxin treatment?

Since neurotoxin treatments have to do with injectable(s), you must be cautious of what you do or attempt during this period.  

Pregnant people, Lactating mothers, or people with some form of the neurological disease should not use these injectables. Anyone suffering from any form of nervous condition should always discuss details of injectable or substances with their doctors.

Is a Neurotoxin treatment painful?

While some skin treatments may cause a throbbing or stinging sensation, the Neurotoxin injection is a noninvasive treatment process. Since these toxins are injected into the targeted muscles using a fine-gauge needle, the patient may experience mild piercing pain. 

Asides from this pain – which many compare to focal waxing, small dots of blood may be visible at the entry sites that later disappear within a few hours. However, it is very uncommon to experience bruising, redness, or swelling of injection sites. 

On completing a Neurotoxin injection…

After the injection, ensure that the area injected remains unchanged for at least four hours. Any further procedure or “adjustments” may move the solutions to areas on the face where they are not wanted.  

Now, the periods for actions of the neurotoxins on the part of the skin (freezing) may vary depending on compositions, formulations and amount injected, and the rate of spread in different patients. However, it is mostly about 7 days when results begin to be visible.

The perfect time of the year for a Neurotoxin treatment

Unlike other topical or skin surface-based treatment, neurotoxins treatment have negligible interactions with sun or other physical factors. Therefore, no time of the year is “best” for a Neurotoxin treatment for your skin. 

You can book an appointment at Victory Wellness & Medspa any time, to have us check your skin and recommend the best treatments.

However, after a neurotoxin treatment, it is better to avoid all forms of physical routine or lying down for the rest of the day. It enables the injected solution to settle easily on the area. When using neurotoxins, It is also a great idea to avoid blood thinners like alcohol, aspirin, and co for a couple of days before and after treatments.

Your health care provider will always be in the best position to advise you on the best practices throughout your treatment periods.

Where can I get a Neurotoxin treatment?

Neurotoxin skincare is a non-surgical procedure and can be done in-office or in a special spa. However, before getting a Neurotoxin injection, you must always make sure that it is to be administered by a skin care specialist and a licensed professional.

Not every spa truly has skincare specialists that handle neurotoxin treatments. If you are confused about picking the right-center, visit us for a proper and safe neurotoxin procedure.

How long does the effect of a neurotoxin treatment last?

While it may take a maximum of 7 days for results to become visible on the face, the effects of a Neurotoxin treatment lasts for a minimum of 3to 4 months. There are lots of reports of the routine even lasting for longer. 

However, it is not a once-for-all treatment. People can undergo the treatment as often as they choose. And they may incorporate it with other skin-care products as advised by the skincare specialists.


There are lots of false stories flying around about the use of neurotoxins, and they will remain myths. Since neurotoxins were endorsed by the FDA, and other experts, they have become a most reliable and helpful means to rid wrinkles and other “contracting-muscle-related issue-removal”.