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If fillers aren’t your thing but you’ve always wondered what a plumper pout might look like, then you’ll be intrigued to know that the cosmetics world is coming through for you with a new procedure: lip threading. No, we’re not talking about using cotton threads to pluck out your mustache, we’re talking about injecting small ‘threads’ into your lips to add a plumping and contouring effect.

Lip threading is also known as a lip thread lift. This nonsurgical procedure uses small dissolvable threads to smooth out fine lines around your mouth and boost collagen production.

Unlike lip fillers that add volume to your lips, lip threading adds curve and definition, primarily to the cupid’s bow area of your upper lip.

Lip threading appeals to people who want a natural look, rather than the pouty, plump look that lip fillers provide.

This procedure is different from the minimally invasive barbed suture thread lifts that may be done around your jaw, jowls, and other areas of your face and body.

Upper Lip Threading Procedure

A lip thread lift takes around 30 minutes: 15 minutes to numb the area and 15 minutes for the procedure itself. Here’s how the procedure is done:

  1. Our doctor will create a small puncture hole at the corner of your mouth, flush with your lip line.
  2. Using a cannula (a thin tube) that’s prepackaged with a thin thread, your doctor will insert the thread. The thread may also be prepackaged in a needle with a point, which would remove the need to create a puncture hole at all.
  3. Threads used for this procedure range in size, from that of dental floss to that of a human hair; they may also be “smooth” or “twisted.”
  4. Once inserted, the cannula or needle is gently pushed toward your cupid’s bow, where it’s typically stopped.
  5. The doctor will then repeat this procedure on the other side of your upper lip.
  6. After each thread is placed, its end will be trimmed with a surgical scissor if there’s any excess thread beyond the insertion site.
  7. Then, the tail end of each thread will be manipulated into the hole, so that it’s not visible.
  8. This procedure may also be repeated on your lower lip: Your doctor would advance the thread to the center of your lower lip and repeat on the opposite side.

If you wish to get additional height or volume, more threads can be added. This is done by inserting an already threaded cannula through the initial puncture site or by making additional punctures with pointed-tip needles prepackaged with threads.

The look you wish to achieve and the type of thread used will determine whether you have this procedure once or several times over the course of a few months.

Lip Threading Benefits

Lip threading provides a more natural look compared to the pouty and plump effect achieved with fillers.

This nonsurgical procedure also stimulates collagen production around your lip area, which may reduce wrinkling in the future.

How Long Does Threading Last

Lip threads dissolve within approximately 3 months, but the results last for a longer period of time and are comparable to that of fillers. You should continue to see more definition and height to your upper lip for around 6 months to 1 year.

Since collagen production will be stimulated from your body’s reaction to the threads, you may continue to see less wrinkling around your lips for a longer period of time.