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Agnes RF Precision Microneedling

Agnes is perfect for the face and neck, lower eyelids, under the chin, and jawline.

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Agnes RF Precision Microneedling

Agnes RF is an innovative and dynamic RF Microneedling device carefully developed over two decades. Agnes Radiofrequency Microneedling (RF Microneedling) uses fine microneedles to stimulate collagen and improve texture while delivering energy below the skin’s surface. The delivered energy causes a localized injury that heals quickly, reducing volume and minimizing texture, scars, fine lines, acne, and stretch marks.

The Benefits of Agnes RF Microneedling

Agnes offers adjustable needle types to meet the needs of your specific procedure and is safe for use on all skin types. Because of the precise control of the depth and form of energy delivery, there is a noticeable improvement with minimal downtime, and the procedure is safe for most patients.

Agnes RF Microneedling In Cincinnati Is Perfect For Hard To Target Areas Like Under The Eye, The Chin, And More

Why You Will Love Agnes RF

The Agnes treatment often creates immediate and long-lasting results in a single 20-30 minute session. Our unmatched precision not only lets you control the results you want but also allows small treatment areas that many other devices simply cannot treat. You can treat face, body, and scalp with safe, predictable results and minimal downtime.

Agnes RF Precision Microneedling In Cincinnati

Agnes RF is clinically proven to improve the look and feel of your skin texture and has been shown to improve the appearance of photo aging, acne vulgaris, scars, and striae.

FDA Clearance: Agnes RF is intended for use in the dermatologic and general surgical procedures for electrocoagulation and hemostasis.

AGNES Precision RF is a unique nonsurgical radiofrequency device that can sculpt the face, and deliver firmer, tighter, more youthful-looking skin. AGNES RF stimulates the production of collagen and elastin providing long-lasting and unmatched results.

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Only The Best

When getting any type of treatment you should only be treated by the best. Dr. Magdalena Kerschner is board-certified in Aesthetic Procedural Medicine and board certified Anesthesiologist & board-certified Interventional Pain specialist. She is considered a Master Injector when it comes to Botox, Fillers, and PDO Threads and other treatments.

At Victory Wellness in Cincinnati and Naples you will be treated by only the best trained and experienced injectors and esthetician’s under the tutelage of Dr. Kerschner.