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ThermiVa vaginal rejuvenation treatments can help you reclaim your sexual health, revive your well-being and restore your relationships. ThermiVa uses the science of heat to treat urinary incontinence, vaginal relaxation syndrome, vaginal dryness and can help to increase orgasms. Our clients have also expressed the added benefit of relief from painful intercourse. These treatments require no downtime, no surgery and no anesthesia. We offer comfortable in-office treatments with long-lasting results.

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Advances in modern medicine have allowed us to prevent and treat, not only the symptoms but also the causes of hormonal imbalances in women. By obtaining simple blood tests, Dr. Kerschner knows exactly which hormones to put back into your body so you can feel youthful again. There is a good reason for all the bioidentical hormone hype on Susanne Summers, Dr. Oz and Oprah … RESULTS!

Symptoms you may experience due to hormone deficiency/imbalance:

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*Individual results may vary. The physicians at Victory Wellness & Medspa will provide you an accurate assessment of your needs and a recommended course of action.