Hormone Replacement Therapy

The basics for optimal health and longevity are proper diet, exercise, nutritional supplementation and hormone replacement therapy. This stops cellular degeneration and allows regeneration of tissue, healing and a slowing down of the aging process.

Hormones are not drugs. They are bioidentical-like natural substances that have existed in our bodies since conception. The doses of hormones taken in hormone replacement therapy should never exceed what your body has already been accustomed to in its younger years. When restored to youthful levels, bioidentical hormones continue to provide the health and vigor that one loses as they age. The risk of side effects are minimized when hormones are taken as prescribed by physicians and monitored closely. When all the declining hormones are taken together in the correct doses, they work with each other to restore declining immunity which in turn helps protect the body against cancer.

Physical deterioration is not a requirement of growing older. It is now possible to stop much of the undesirable aspect of aging as well as the symptoms and diseases associated with aging. Hormone replacement therapy is an updated science which has shown to improve the quality of one’s life. We specialize in total hormone replacement regimens as well as exercise, diet and nutritional supplementation to achieve maximum benefits and deter the aging process. After a complete physical examination and laboratory evaluation, a personalized hormone supplementation program will be prescribed for you and monitored until optimal hormone levels have been achieved.

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Hormone Replacement: Estrogen & Progesterone Frequently Asked Questions

*Individual results may vary. The physicians at Victory Weight Loss and Wellness will provide you an accurate assessment of your needs and a recommended course of action.