Sasquatch living in your armpits?

I, like most women, have suffered from something called “Sasquatch pits”. This term is used when, even though you shave your underarms, you STILL have hair! Until recently, I have never ever had smooth underarms. I would skip the sleeveless in summer and just didn’t bother raising my arms to point. If someone asked me for directions, I would point like a T-Rex to keep from raising them.

One exceptionally hot day in August, I decided that enough is enough. I wanted to be free from the agony of my “Sasquatch pits”. I did some research and found a treatment called laser hair removal. I was immediately intrigued. I did a little more digging and found that laser hair removal can reduce and/or remove unwanted hair from pretty much any area of concern. I was like, “JACKPOT!” I didn’t even hesitate to schedule my appointment.

When I arrived, I was ecstatic to get started with the treatment. I filled out the standard intake and consent forms. BTW, they did mention to me that I had to shave the area before I came in for the appointment and I could not be treated if I had an active tan. The nurse called my name and I walked (more like merrily skipped) down the hall to the treatment room.

While in the room the nurse explained the treatment to me. She told me that I could see about a 15% decrease in the thickness of my hair with the first treatment and it would decrease less and less with each additional treatment. I asked her if the treatment is painful and her response was “it sort of feels like a rubber band flick”. I have two brothers and have experienced my fair share of rubber band flicks so I wasn’t worried too much about the pain. I eagerly hopped up on the treatment chair, raised my arms high and said: “hit me!”








The nurse covered my underarms with warm gel, counted down, 3,2,1 and as I had asked her to do, she hit me. To my surprise, it really did feel like a rubber band flick! She flicked me about 6 times on each underarm and it was totally bearable. The whole treatment took less than 5 minutes to complete. It was so easy that I signed up for a brazilian on the spot (that’s a story for a different day). She wiped off the gel, applied some soothing aloe ointment, and skipped with me back to the lobby where I made my next appointment.

By the time I got home, I had no redness or discomfort. After a few days, I noticed the hair looked and felt like pepper under my skin. When I shaved for the first time after the treatment, the pepper feeling was gone and my underarms were smooth. The hair did not return for about 5 weeks and when it did return it was much thinner. I continued to go back every six weeks for treatment. After the sixth treatment, I noticed that the hair was almost completely gone. My “Sasquatch pits” are now a thing of the past and I am beyond ecstatic with the results.

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**Individual results may vary**

Author: Shayna Seippel